Mummymaking Projects @ Mummy Tombs

A Class Project:

Make a Modeling Compound Mummy with Sarcophagus 

If you are more adventurous, you can create a mummy from model compound and place it in a cardboard sarcophagus that you have decorated. Since the items shown below are sold in quantity, this makes a great class project.

For making the mummy:



Crayola Model Magic Model Compound


For making the sarcophagus:


Kraft Brown Cardboard Jewelry Boxes 8 x 2 x 1 Inches



1. Making the Mummy: 

Shape a small mummy out of the modeling compound. Make sure to measure the figure so that it will fit into the cardboard box.

2. Making the Sarcophagus:

Decorate the cardboard box using your favorite Egyptian symbols and designs.

Extra Credit:

Construct a tomb out of a larger cardboard box into which all of the sarcophagi can be placed.


Have a mummy recipe to add?