Mummymaking Projects @ Mummy Tombs

Using a Kit

to Make your own Mummy! 

Don't have the time or energy to make a mummy? Sometimes a kit can come in handy. Below is the best-selling mummy kit at The Mummy Tombs.


Lift the Lid on Mummies: Unravel the Mysteries of Egyptian Tombs and Make Your own Mummy! by Jacqueline Dineen

A cool kit for your favorite mummy lover...complete with a plastic body suitable for mummification (Barbie and Ken can breathe a sigh of relief!) and all of the necessary equipment. It also comes with a mummy booklet, too. The doll is solid and well-constructed. A set of internal organs (four to a kit) and canopic jars (heads are provided--you assemble the paper cylinders) are included as well. Lots of fun! And very educational (in a sneaky way). I bought one to review--my kids swiped it and begged for another. Highly recommended!

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