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Making a Rag Doll Mummy

Jasmine sent in directions to create a rag doll mummy (followed by a performance). Here are her directions:


Materials needed:

scissors, sewing kit, skin colored felt, the "Innards" (intestines made from rope, stomach made from a balloon, etc.--use your creativity here for the liver, and lungs), sawdust, salt, gauze bandages, trinkets, googly eyes, paint, pens, crayons or colored pencils, a sarcophagus (a shoe box is fine)


Making the Rag Doll:

Step 1. Draw then cut out the shape of a small person (doll size) on the felt. Cut the shape twice (one is the back, one is the front of the rag doll mummy.) 

Step 2. On the front piece of felt, cut a small flap (or slit) near the belly area (this will be used for removal of the internal organs)

Step 3. Sew the outside edges of the two pieces of felt together to make a body.

Step 4. Place the innards you created (see above) into the doll, using the flap or slit. 

Step 5. Decorate the box so it looks like a sarcophagus.


Giving your performance:

Step 1. Stand in front of class with your rag doll on a desk or table beside you. 

Step 2. Open the belly of the doll and remove each organ, telling the audience what it is.

Step 3. Sprinkle the doll with salt (that is, natron).

Step 4. Stuff the doll's body with saw dust.

Step 5. Close the flap or slit (you might even sew it shut with a stitch or two).

Step 6. Wrap the doll in gauze bandages and add various trinkets while doing so.

Step 7. Place the doll in the shoebox sarcophagus.

Step 8. Take a bow.


Thank you, Jasmine.


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