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Making a Plaster Craft Strip Doll Mummy

Barbara Howley, a teacher from Perry, Ohio,  sent in directions for the doll mummies made by her students. She writes:


"My students have made mummies out of cheap dollar store Barbies. We wrap them in plaster craft strips, available in most teacher supply catalogues.  We call it the revenge of the boys on the Barbie dolls as the boys cut the doll's hair and create big shoulders by wrapping paper toweling around the shoulders before applying the plaster wrap.  We insert the feet into a toilet paper tube so our mummies can stand.  Additionally, symbols are inserted under the wrappings representing  the ahnk, scarab, djed, and tet.  After the mummies are made, we construct a sarcophagus using poster board and create a written description of our mummy's life...."

Thank you, Barbara.

Plaster Gauze 4inchx15ft for Crafts (Plaster of Paris Cloth Bandage Roll)


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