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Making Animal Mummies

Here are a few recipes for making mummies using store-bought chickens (or chicken parts) and mice. But for the squeamish, feel free to substitute hotdogs and tailor the recipes accordingly:


Recipe: Chicken Mummy 1

Alex W. and his mother concocted a recipe for making a chicken mummy. 



Recipe: Chicken Mummy 2 

Mrs. Armstrong's science classes have mummified chickens for years (and I now have one of my own to prove it). Check out this recipe, which also involves adding a little math to the process.



Recipe: Chicken Mummy 3

Mr. Montgomery's class from Texas provides an illustrated guide to making Cornish game hen mummies. Follow along...and get ready to add a pyramid to your playground!


Recipe: Mouse Mummy

A science teacher shares her own recipe for making mummies out of dead mice (and sometimes rats). You might not want to follow this recipe, but it makes interesting reading.



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