Pompeii Plaster Casts @ Mummy Tombs




Region I

Just around the corner from Garden of the Fugitives


A secret exhibit of plaster casts in Region I is found down a street that is rarely open to the public. If the barrier is closed, do not go beyond it...but on occasion you may find it open on the Via della Palestra (just past the turn off for the Garden of the Fugitives on the Via della Nave Europa). 

If you aren't in luck, here's what you would have seen: 

A glass-roofed exhibit:

A view of the 'secret exhibit of Region I'

The glass roof display of plaster casts in Region I

And beneath the roof, a small display of what appears to be two plaster casts (and some plaster tree castings). Rick Bauer, my Naples correspondent (who has very graciously provided the Pompeii photographs on this page and others on this website) says that the display definitely includes "one cast, with the foot extending towards the camera point. The body was lying along side what appears to be a cast of a tree trunk....  It was hard to tell if any of the other shapes were also body casts. I think there is a second one...in the center of the image, but it was not a very good cast.... Most of the other casts appeared to be of tree branches and housing timbers."

The casts displayed in the secret exhibit of Region I

(Thank you, Rick Bauer, for the photos and information about the cast.)


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