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Featured Mummies

Some mummies stand out from the rest. Perhaps they have been studied more intensively, or perhaps their individual stories are more evocative for any number of reasons.

So here are the mummies at Mummy Tombs that seem to jump out of the website as being the most important or most interesting.


Animal Mummies

Blue Babe the Bison The mummy of a 36,000 year-old male bison was discovered just north of Fairbanks, Alaska, made for an interesting stew.

Damien Hirst's Animal Mummies British artist Damien Hirst has created controversial artwork using the preserved (and sometimes not-so-preserved) corpses of animals. See what you think.

Dinosaurs Two of the most important discoveries ever made: Dakota the Hadrosaur and Leonardo the Brachylophosaurus

Dolly the Cloned Sheep The first adult mammal ever cloned is now a mummy in a Scottish museum. 

Egyptian Animal Mummies They came in four varieties, but the saddest of all the animal mummies were the kittens of Egypt.

Hunting Dog Mummy Many animals have been mummified, but few have a mummy tale as unique as the hound dog of Waycross, Georgia.


Yde GirlBog Bodies

Lindow Man The story of one of the most famous bog bodies ever found

Yde Girl The story of a teenage girl found in a Dutch bog


Catacomb Mummies

Rosalia Lombardo This "Sleeping Beauty" died in 1920 and was embalmed by Alfredo Salafia using a secret technique



John Wilkes Booth The assassin of Abraham Lincoln was reportedly turned into a mummy, some thirty years after Lincoln's death and exhibited in the backroom of an Enid, Oklahoma funeral parlor and many carnival sideshows. Is this the whole story?

Elmer McCurdy: A minor wild west outlaw who demonstrates how a mummy can become big business. 


Egyptian Mummies

Nefertiti The mystery of a famous Egyptian Queen

Nesyamun The tale of an Egyptian priest with a mysterious tongue

Padihershef A traveling Egyptian mummy

Rameses I The North American adventure of famous pharaoh

Senbi the Scribe A dessicated mummy, now only for researchers

Sethos I and the Mummy Hoax Photoshopping a mummy to make news

Valley of the Golden Mummies One of the most exciting mummy discoveries in recent years


Glacier Mummies

Juanita Discovered on the top of Mount Ampato near Arequipa, Peru, in 1995, the Ice Maiden was an Incan sacrifice. Is she being sacrificed again to feed the public's curiosity?

Kwaday Dan Ts’ìnchí Three Canadian sheep hunters discovered the mummified body of what scientists first thought was an ancient man. Was this man similar to Ötzi? Yes--and no.

WW2 Airmen Two World War II airmen whose preserved and frozen bodies were found in a California glacier


Lemon Grove GirlNative American Mummies

Ishi What happened to man known as the "last of his tribe?"

Lemon Grove Girl Stolen from her burial cave near Chihuahua, Mexico, this girl is displayed at the Museum of Man. Read her tragic story.


Other Featured Mummies

Franklin Expedition Mummies The haunting story of a failed expedition to find the Northwest Passage.

Iran Salt Mummies A series of mummies found in salt mines.