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Suggestions for Research Reports

Here's a list of suggestions for research reports. 

If you have a research suggestion that you'd like to share, e-mail the Mummy Tombs.


Topics to Research

Look into the impact that graverobbing had on Egyptian mummies (and the pharaoh mummies).


Compare a natural Egyptian mummy (made by the sun) to an artificial Egyptian mummy (made by the mummymakers). How were they different? How were they similar?


List the materials that the mummymakers used to stuff various parts of a body. What was the purpose of each item?


Describe how the Egyptians changed their mummymaking techniques over the 3,000 years. Choose two or three of the techniques they used and describe the results they received.


At one point (but only for awhile) the canopic jar lids represented the Four Sons of Horus; you might want to research who Horus was.  At another point, "dummy" canopic jars (that remained empty) were used; where did the internal organs go? You might want to describe how canopic jars and their uses changed over time.


Why did Ancient Egyptians sometimes mummify animals? HINT: there was more than one reason. Can you provide an example of each type of animal mummy?


Discuss when Herodotus wrote and during what period of time Egyptians mummified their dead according to the techniques he discussed.


Read about other curses associated with Egyptian mummies. Are there many? Were they real? What facts can you find about them.


Choose an interesting mummy or two from your reading (or from your museum visits) and tell its story in your report. Who was the person before it was a mummy? What have scientists discovered from their examination of the mummy?


From your reading, select a number of interesting facts you discovered about ancient Egyptians and/or their mummies and feature these in your report.


Compare a Chinchorro mummy (or any other type of mummy) to an Egyptian mummy. What similarities and differences do the two types have?