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Moor and Fen Museum


Background information

The Moor and Fen Museum in Elisabethfehn, GermanyThe Moor and Fen Museum in Elisabethfehn, Germany (40 miles west of Oldenburg, near Barßels) has no mummies on exhibit or in the backroom but it explains the workings of a bog so well that this is museum worth visiting, especially if you have an interest in bog bodies.

In a series of displays spread among three main rooms and a large outdoor area (with an artificial bog, no less), the museum explains how bogs are created, how they grow and mature, and how they provide an important habitat for plants and animals and important products for humans.

The museum takes great pains to make certain that visitors understand that bogs are irreplaceable wetlands. Of course, bogs have also produced a number of mummified bodies over the centuries, thanks to the special chemical nature of bogs. Though the museum does not possess a bog body, it does display hair samples from four bodies and photographs of a number of bodies.

The museum also exhibits examples of bog trackways, equipment, and machinery. There is also an artificial bog created outside the museum.

All display labels are in German, but the museum staff is friendly and will explain whatever you would like to know in English. English brochures can be requested at the ticket desk.




Where to find the museum

You can find more information about the mseum at its website (German).